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Monday, 28/05/2018, 08:44 GMT+7

     Maintenance during initial period  of operation:

      - Daily maintenance ETO:

      - Maintenance TO - 1000 (1000 Km): Renewing engine lubrication.

      - Maintenance TO - 5500 (5500 Km): Thay dầu bôi trơn động cơ.

      - Maintenance TO - 1 - 11000 (11000 Km): Renewing engine lubrication.

      - Maintenance TO - 2 - 16500 (16500 Km): Renewing engine lubrication.

      - Maintenance TO - 1 - 22000 (22000 Km): Renewing engine lubrication.

      - Maintenance TO - 2 - 27500 (27500 Km): Renewing engine lubrication.

    Users may maintain sooner, depends on driving terrain or dusty environment, but not beyond the milage mentioned in the Service Book.



1. Do not press and hold Battery Connect Button for longer than 2 seconds.

2. Do not turn and hold Starter Key Position for longer than 10 seconds.

3. Do not keep the engine cranks at lower than 600 RPM, as this may lead to low pressure of lubrication, which damages the turbo charger and other parts.

4. Do not drive or put load to the engine when the cooling liquid temperature is lower than 400 C, because the valves clearance are big at this time, making king the engine wear out sooner.

5. Do not keep the engine run at higher than 2530 RPM on new starting, because after long time of stop working, the lubrication is not cover every where in the engine yet, and that can make the parts jam or wear out quickly.

6. Do not stop the engine right after it work with load. It need to be lubricated and liquid cooled for at least 3 minutes at 1200 - 1300 RPM.

7. Do not crank the engine when the air inlet system is leaked, since the dust may enter and damage the engine.

8. Do not disconnect the battery while the engine is working, since this may bring faulty to the electronic system, and the alternators's circuit adjuster stop working and spoil the alternator.

9. Do not disconnect the cathode from the alternator when the engine is working, since this may damage the alternators's circuit adjuster.

10. Do not stop the engine while the truck is still running, because this may stop the steering pump and air compressor, which is unable to steer and to brake soon.

11. Do not press the clutch pedal or disengage the gearbox while using auxiliary brake.

12. Do not keep the steering wheel maximum to left or right for more than 10 seconds, since this may damage the steerring power system.

13. Before reversing, the truck must be strictly stop, disengage the clutch then angage reverse gear.

14. Do not disengage the clutch suddenly, since this may break the gearbox or shafts.

15. Do not turn the differental lock level while the truck is running, and do not use this system when driving on hard road or turning. It can be used only on straight or sliding road.

16. Do not tow when the towed truck's propeller shaft is not disconnected from the intermediate axle, because when the towed truck's engine is not working, there is no lubrication for the bearings of the gearbox.

17. Do not swith on the PTO during driving and when the air pressure is lower than 5 kg/cm², since this may break the PTO's gear or gearbox.

18. Do not raise the dump for longer than 30 minutes when the truck is stopping on unlevel ground, since this may damage the seals of hydraulic system or damage the body and frame, even overturn the truck.

19. Do not quickly load any heavy load on to the truck.